Autumn 2021

Autumn edition 2021

Hello everyone

The Covid epidemic has really changed people’s attitudes within this parish towards the meaning of the word ‘community’. There have always been neighbours who will look out for each other, but it has been many years since there has been such a surge in offers of help from the most unexpected quarters. The Summer weather obviously had quite an uplifting effect, with the fun run and fete being the most successful event held in the village since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977. It brought people together in a way that astounded the orginisers, and as one person stated, “I had no idea there were so many people living in the village, it was a real pleasure to meet and talk to them”. It is hoped that this will be a new beginning to encourage more events, and away from the dormitory status that has prevailed for too long, so if you haven’t reserved a place for the chilli and quiz evening by now you could miss out as there is limited seating in the Church.

If you are concerned about the use of the Church for such an event, be assured community ‘get togethers’ using the Church are now being encouraged by senior Clergy. The pious concept of the building being used solely for worship is fading rapidly in an attempt to break loneliness and isolation felt by so many everywhere.


Facebook membership

When the Wickenby Facebook was first mooted as an electronic means of sharing information, just in and around the parish no-one imagined it would attract over 100 members. Again this has been another successful medium to help bring the community together.

Young employee

The young person who cleans our roads and other small jobs around the parish has settled in well to these mundane tasks. Unfortunately now Autumn is here the leaf drop is considerable, and the paths and roadside gutters are covered almost as quickly as these are cleared, but his efforts do at least prevent large build ups that can become slippery underfoot.

BT cable – Station Road

Finally, after almost 2 years of communicating with BT/Open Reach the exposed cable on Station Road has been reburied beneath the verge. But this only occurred because the inevitable and forewarned accidental severance of it by an LCC grass cutting mower cut off power to some households in Lissington.  A newly formed company is currently  installing a fibre broadband cable to serve both parishes.

Picnic site

Volunteers have almost transformed the appearance of the site by cutting back swathes of overgrown foliage to let in more light and claim back space. There is an on going programme of restoration so if you would like to join in please contact any of the Councillors shown overleaf.

Replacement bench

In September the Parish Council was able to rally enough Councillors to make a quorum and the decision to replace the removed bench at the bus shelter was agreed. This will be done ASAP once WLDC & LCC Highways have had opportunity to make comment.

New Parish Councillors

The 2 new Councillors who came forward earlier in the year continue to bring inspiration and zeal to the council, but the need for 2 further Councillors is long overdue, and whilst there remains a shortfall, the long delays in making the decisions requiring a quorum to get projects underway, as mentioned above, will remain inevitable. If you wish to know more about the work of the council, particularly if you are contemplating doing ‘your bit’ for the community, please contact any of the persons shown overleaf. You might be surprised at the skills you possess that could benefit the parish

Dog fouling

Complaints are still being made about the amount of dog fouling on the verges and green footpaths. Of course over a period of time it will dissipate and this is the countryside, but it is unpleasant to find it on footwear soles, and it does carry diseases that can harm humans. If you do walk your dog(s) and haven’t a poo bag please consider the courtesy of ‘flick with a stick’ into the hedge bottoms.

Tree planting scheme

The scheme got off to a good start with several residents either placing orders through the parish council or have purchased trees themselves, for which there is a 50% reduction upon production of a receipt. There has also been a donation of a few trees to be planted in a chosen spot within the parish.

If you wish to be part of the of H.M. Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee green canopy scheme please contact any of the Councillors shown below. There is a temporary delay at the moment in obtaining trees but this should pick up with the next couple of months.

Water overflow – Lissington Road

This issue is on hold at the moment until Dist. Cllr. England is available to meet with council to discuss the findings of WLDC planning dept. In the meantime it will be monitored, and once an answer has been extracted from the planners this will be published.

Other issues

The information contained in this edition has only highlighted the main topics. There is quite a bit more going on, but space is limited and extra pages mean increased cost. If you wish to know more about what the council is involved in contact your nearest Councillor from the list below or the Clerk


The next edition of the newsletter will be in the Spring 2022


Current Councillors

Cllr. J. Hairsine (Chairman) – 1, The Barns, Westlaby

Cllr. J. Gill-Stafford(Vice Chairman) – The Holding, Snelland Road, Wickenby

Cllr. Mrs. J. Grant – Fieldhouse Farm, Lissington Road, Wickenby

Cllr. Mrs. T. Keat – Glebe Barn Farm, Snarford Road, Wickenby

Cllr. Mrs. S. Wheeldon – The Manor, Lissington Road, Wickenby

Mrs. L. Richardson (Clerk) – e.mail


If you have any community issues you consider the parish council may be able to assist in, please contact your nearest Councillor or the Clerk


Keep Well  Keep safe